About Us




I’m a food Technologist and a Nutrition coach.  My passion is to optimise the benefits of a good nutritious diet and pass on my knowledge.  I’ll be sharing with you the traditional recipes of my native Africa and I’d like you to try making some of them for yourself.

I’d like to make you enthusiastic and excited about the food you eat.  My recipes will open up a vibrant and colourful nutritional world to you, and, if you would like my help, I can show you how to prepare the food traditionally and cook the recipe.




Woman, white, with short grey/blonde hair, smiling - sleeveless dress of blue, burnt orange, sand colours - green, leafy background sprinkled with white flowers, backed by red brickwork

I’m a writer, nature lover, and cake maker.  Using natural and healthy ingredients, I like to experiment with baking recipes to produce cakes that taste good, have a wonderful texture, and are healthy.  I will also be researching different aspects of health and nutrition, and bring together what I discover to pass on to you.