Success Stories

"Dinachi's online diets and advice have been invaluable to me and I am extremely grateful. Being smart about the food I consume has enhanced my wellbeing and encouraged me towards a healthier life."
Debbi Gold
"Over the years, I have developed many bad diet habits. With Dinachi's help, I am now able to connect with my body and use my knowledge and intuition to guide me towards the food that I need. He has given me the tools to become healthier and happier through my dietary choices."
Medical Student
"Dinachi has helped me develop a personal wellness program. He is very knowledgeable and is a pleasure to work with. I love his approach to healthy eating and I am benefiting from the results."
prince Bethel
"Dinachi is a nutritionist with a difference. His passion and enthusiasm, together with his easy going, friendly nature, has made my conversion to healthy eating a pleasure and adventure. His recipes are amazing. I'm beginning to feel energised and healthy."
White woman with short grey hair - backgroung of people and sparkling lights
Jo WW, Hastings
Writer and Editor