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Five Tips to Ease the Symptoms of a Cold

Here are Five Tips to Ease the Symptoms of a Cold, something I feel I could do with at the moment.  For almost three years, I’ve avoided the common cold virus.  Since the first lockdown in the UK, in March 2020, I’ve kept my distance from people.  For a long time, we were all wearing masks and asked by the Government to keep a two-metre distance.  Things are easing now, however, and it almost feels as if we are back to ‘normal life’.  Now I’m paying for it.

I’m not feeling like doing very much at all, snuffling with a congested head and trying to suppress sneezes.  A good opportunity to research what might ease my symptoms and build up my immune system in readiness for the Winter season ahead.

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Five Tips to Ease the Symptoms of a Cold:

1.  Soothing warm teas and drinks

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Here are some suggestions that will soothe your sore throat and could reduce the severity and length of your symptoms:

  • Honey, lemon and warm water
  • Sage, thyme, mint or rosemary tea
  • Elderflower and warm water
  • Ginger – cold ginger ale or warm ginger tea

2.  Rest

Rest and sleep as much as you can.  Your immune system has taken a hammering and you need to give your body the chance to recover.  You can ease your aches and pains by having off-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen or paracetamol, and then take it easy.

3.  Hydration
close-up of top of glass of clear honey-yellow liquid, with slice of lemon and spoon - dark background
Warm honey and lemon drink

When you have a cold, you must ensure that you take plenty of fluids.  Drinking water is a good way of keeping hydrated, but you might feel like something more soothing such as the suggestions in 2. above.  Warm broths are another way to remain hydrated and nourished.

4.  Natural remedies that might ease your cold’s length and severity

Here are some herbs that are used in traditional remedies to relieve colds:

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  • Elderflower
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Echinacea
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5.  Food and drink to boost your immune system

If you’ve got a cold, you might want to do all you can to boost your immune system to reduce the chances of catching another one.  Some good things to try are:

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  • Cashews (high zinc content)
  • Kefir (a probiotic)
  • Thyme
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If you would like to read more about traditional remedies and ingredients, see our article Eleven Herbal Roots, Leaves, Flowers and Health Benefits

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