leansing Herbal drink

Herbal Cleansing Drink

Many people believe that Western medicine is the fastest and surest way to cure or solve the infection.  Antibiotics, including penicillin, cephalosporins, tetracyclines, aminoglycosides, as well as many other drugs, make up this type of medicine.  These drugs can be very expensive and out of reach depending on where in the world you live.  This is why there is the need to consider knowing how to create an infection cleansing herbal drink that can cleanse infections and detoxify your body. Infection cleansing herbal drinks might be unfamiliar to some, although many people, especially in the developong world, know of and take these herbal drinks.

ground turmeric, ginger and garlic
ground turmeric, ginger and garlic

What are infections?

Pathogenic microorganisms, which invade and multiply in your body, cause infections. These pathogens produce toxins that can impair the way your body functions.  The body’s immune system can usually fight off most infections, whether they’re caused by bacteria or viruses.

But sometimes a person needs a specific type of treatment called an antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, or antiprotozoal medication. According to a journal published in the National Library of Medicine, infectious diseases are responsible for about 17% of all deaths worldwide each year (2013). This is why serious emphasis should be placed on treating and cleansing the body of infections.

What is detoxification (system cleansing)?

People are increasingly turning to detoxes to improve their health. The human body has several natural pathways to assist the liver, sweat, urine, and feces to remove toxins. But modern toxins are taking their toll: average toxin consumption has increased greatly in recent years.  It’s important, therefore, to make certain changes in your diet if you want to detoxify your body.

As the name suggests, detoxing is a process that helps the vital organs cleanse themselves. Maggie Pannell, in her book ‘The Detox Cookbook and Health Plan‘, explains that “detoxing is an ancient therapy that has been practiced in various forms for hundreds of years.

It is believed to cleanse the digestive system and help the body eliminate waste products and various toxins absorbed from the air, soil, water, and food as well as toxic substances produced by the body itself.”

Health importance of a detox drink

Just like many other herbal drinks, it won’t taste like something your mouth will like!  The taste will surely be weird (very bitter) but it will just as surely do a lot of good to your body.  Here are some examples of the health importance of herbal detox drinks:

1. Help in weight loss:

The best and most important aspects of Infection Cleansing Herbal Drink (Detox drink), in fact the most common of the reasons why so many people detoxify their system, is to help them lose weight naturally. Detox drinks offer a major boost to your metabolism, thus aiding weight loss.

2. Improves digestion:

Infection Cleansing Herbal Drink provides your digestive system with healthy nutrients and serve as a great laxative agent to ease your digestive functioning; they help loosen stools and increase bowel movements. They are used to treat and prevent constipation. Detox drinks also facilitate better liver functioning which plays a huge role in digestion.

3. Reduces inflammation:

Once your liver is cleansed and toxic substances are removed, you can reduce the free radicals in the body that may cause inflammation leading to chronic diseases. Instead of having full-blown heavy meals, you give your body some rest by the intake of these light detox drinks. These ingredients may help prevent inflammation. Ginger, mostly consumed in tea and other beverages, has proven to be very effective against inflammation.

4. Promotes healthy skin:

By reducing inflammation and cleansing your body of toxin overload, detox drinks minimize signs of aging. Environmental pollutants and chemical deposits on your skin lead to wrinkles and dryness. Detox drinks with vitamin C-rich fruits purify your skin cells and give you rejuvenated and glowing skin. Raspberries, as well as lemon, grapefruit and several other citrus fruits, are rich in vitamin C and work wonders for the skin.

5. Improves fertility:

Uziza is used in many local herbal medicines to treat stomach pains and menstrual spasms, bowel movement issues, infertility and so many others.  It has a unique taste and is a popular remedy for consumption. It is taken in combination with honey or mixed with other traditional herbs such as Uda and ginger.

According to a journal published on journals.lww.com  “Effects of Aframomum melegueta and Piper guineense on sexual behaviour of male rats”, Uziza can be use to address the problem of infertility in women and low sperm count in men. Thus, just like one of the health benefits of black pepper, Uziza boosts fertility in men.

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