How to Prepare Bitter Leaf Drink

Bitter leaf, also known as Vernonia amygdalina, is a medicinal plant found in the Western and Eastern parts of Africa. Bitter leaf helps to lower blood cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. It also improves fertility and can help to treat prostate cancer because of the andrographolide compound it contains.

bitter leave

Although there are various ways of preparing bitter leaf juice or drink, some may include other herbs and medicinal roots, why do some people like preparing their bitter leaf by just extracting the fluid out of the leaves and consuming them, we will take a look at how bitter leaf juice is made only in this article.


1. Fresh bitter leave

2. Water

3. Salt


1.  Pluck fresh green bitter leaf from garden or  buy them here

2. Wash leaf on running water to get rid of sand and other foreign matters

3. Now, you can either use a mortar to pound the leaf or just keep squeezing and shredding the leaves into smaller pieces until it becomes impossible to shred.


4.  Add a little water to the shredded bitter leaf in the bowl,

5. Finally filter with a muslin cloth or any tight cloth filter to let out the extracts into a cup or a bowl depending on the amount you prepared.

6. Add a pinch of salt to the extract to hep modify the taste

Note: There is nothing friendly about bitter leaf when it comes to taste. As the name implies, it’s very bitter and doesn’t taste happy. So to make the extract drinkable, it is better to filter more than twice to make it palatable. But also note that the more bitter the taste the more effective it is!

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