seven special Nigerian food you should try

9 Special Nigerian Foods You Should Try

Nigeria is blessed with so many unique cultures, from how they speak, dance, and even dress, to how they eat.  Their unique style and sense of cooking is something you will find very interesting, from their swallows to their chewed foods.  Although there is a lot of food you can try, let’s take a look at 10 easy-to-make Nigeria meals you may want to sample.

1. Moin-Moin

Moin-Moin is a special meal from the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria.  Because of the unique taste and its ability to fill you for a very long period, all the other tribes have adopted this meal, and now Moin-Moin is becoming one of the most popular dishes in Nigeria. Although historically, it is considered to be a very stressful meal because of the process involved in making it, advancements in technology have made it easier, because now you can get most of the ingredients already prepared and made for you.

You can get already-made bean flour from Amazon or any other online or local shop, so instead of going through the whole back removal and grinding process, you can just skip those stressful procedures and continue with the other steps in making this delicious delicacy.

You make Moin-Moin by steaming or boiling bean (black-eyed bean) pudding and combining it with onions, pepper, and other ingredients depending on preference. Moin-Moin is a rich source of protein and can be of high nutritional value to the body.  See these simple and well-guided Moin-Moin recipes How To Prepare Moin-Moin In Nylon

2. Unripe Plantain and Vegetable

The names may sound very familiar to most people, but not everyone knows about this highly nutritious food, which is common in the southern and eastern parts of Nigeria.  It is very easy to prepare and delicious to eat.  One thing to bear in mind, however, is that this is a seasonal recipe.  Plantain and many vegetables don’t grow in all seasons and weather, and cannot be stored or kept for long.  But be sure to eat plantain and vegetables whenever itis  available.  Here is a link to a simple delicious plantain and vegetable recipe. Recipe; How to prepare Unripe Plantain and Veggie Sauce

3. Egusi Soup

Egusi soup

This eastern Nigerian soup is arguably one of the most popular soups in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.  Egusi soup is a unique soup made from melon seed which is also known as a bitter apple seed and is popular amongst native Africans, as well as Arab and some Mediterranean people.  Over time, a lot of tribes in Nigeria have adopted this delicacy and have started making their different adaptations to the recipes.

Egusi soup is loved and preferred over most other Nigerian soups because of its unique taste and how easy it is to make. There are many recipes and ways to prepare egusi soup depending on the tribe cooking it or the preference of who is eating it.  Nevertheless, there are two popular ways of preparing egusi soup; you can either start by boiling the egusi or you can quickly fry it.  Both ways are okay and it depends on how you like it.  But remember that egusi itself contains a lot of oil, so frying increases the oil, making it not so good nutritionally.

Egusi soup is always eaten with swallows.  Swallows may include eba, fufu, or pounded yam, depending on what your preference is.  I, however, recommend you try pounded yam; it can be easily made plus it is readily available as yam powder on Amazon or any other local markets.  After buying it, you just follow the instructions on the back of the pack to make it. Here is a link to preparing a delicious Egusi soup. How To Prepare A Special Egusi Soup

4. Ewedu and Amala

Amala and Ewedu

Just like egusi soup, ewedu soup is an indigenous soup, which is original to the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria.  Now a very popular soup in Nigeria. a lot of people and tribes now find ewedu soup interesting enough to eat with friends and family. Ewedu soup is easy to prepare and healthy to eat.  Because ewedu is a vegetable, it will provide you with all the nutrients common to vegetables  Not only that, it is a good meal for weight loss or weight maintenance.

In Nigeria, the vegetable ewedu is eaten in different ways.  One of the best ways to have it is with stew, which is also called tomato sauce, and it is swallowed with amala, pounded yam or any other swallows.  Ewedu is very delicate and requires a lot of attention to prepare, but nevertheless, it is also easy to prepare.

You can see a simple Ewedu and Amala recipe here. How To Prepare Amala And Ewedu Soup

5. Jollof Rice and Fish

Jollof rice is a unique African delicacy that is loved by many. It is one of the most generally accepted food in Nigeria, because of its unique taste and colour, and aroma. Jollof rice has become one food that is generally accepted by every tribe in Nigeria, served in any formal occasion and even traditional events too.

Jollof rice is cooked with basic ingredients such as tomato, vegetable oil, pepper, onion, meat, fish, or chicken.  People cook jollof in different ways, with different types of ingredients.

However, this jollof rice recipe will give you that sweet sensation that makes you want more.  So, here is the simple and easy Fish Jollof Rice recipe you have been waiting for. How To Make Tomato Based Jollof Rice With Fried Fish

6. Yam Pottage (Asaro) 

Yam pottage is another African dish you should try.  It is a recipe of the western tribes of Nigeria, although it has become common to all tribes.  Which tribe yam pottage originally came from is debated, but it is more common and popular among the Yoruba people.

Yam pottage is called Asaro in the western part of Nigeria.  It is the another awesome way of cooking yam, but this time it is mashed and a lot of spice and tomatoes are added to give it a unique taste and texture.  There are various ways of making yam pottage, but here is a straightforward and easy yam pottage recipe you can try.  How to prepare a simple pottage (Asaro)

7. Pepper Soup

pepper soup

Pepper soup, as the name implies, is a traditional spicy soup which originates from the eastern part of Nigeria.  Although other tribes have adapted the soup and make it in their individual ways, it’s the Igbo tribe that make the best pepper soup.  There are different types:  ‘point and kill’ (catfish pepper soup), ‘Isiewu’ (goat head pepper soup) and ‘assorted’ (internal organs).  The most common and popular pepper soup is the catfish pepper soup.  It is easy to make and very nutritious.  The goat head pepper soup takes longer to prepare.

Another thing you should consider when eating pepper soup is the level of pepper.  It may need to be restricted for some people, such as if you have high blood pressure or digestive issues. But is is a perfect soup you might want to try during winter or when it’s cold.  Here is a very simple to make pepper soup recipe you can try. How to prepare Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup

8. Akara And Pap.

Akara is a traditional delicacy in the western part of Nigeria. It can be generally translated to bean cake. It is made from processed beans; there are different types of beans that can be used to make Akara, but the best are the light brown beans, because they are easier to peel. There are nutritional benefits from the beans, fish, egg, crayfish and the other ingredients used in making it. Akara can be served with bread, pap or custard. Here is the recipe for Akara and Pap. How To Make Akara And Pap

9.  Okra Soup

okra soup

Okra soup is also one of the most cooked soups in Nigeria today.  A few people, though, find it difficult to make or don’t really like it because of its high viscosity.  However, many people in Nigeria and other parts of Africa find this delicacy fascinating enough and delicious to eat.  Okra soup is cooked using freshly harvested okra from the mature okra plant.  It is then cooked with spices, and fish or meat.  Just like most of the delicacies on this list, okra soup is very easy to prepare and also delicious.

There are a lot of other fascinating African dishes you can try at any time, you might get to see more of African dishes as you continue to visit. And if you find any of this recipe fascinating and you intent trying  them out, but you don’t know where and how to start, feel free to contact us for a proper guidance on how to start and Finnish well.















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